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Gov. Youngkin signs swatting bill into law


Among the 51 bills signed by Governor Youngkin, one was that will make swatting calls punishable by up to a year in jail. "Swatting" is the term used when a fake emergency is called...


March 26, 2023

Families remember loved ones lost to Fentanyl


These families have the support of lawmakers like Delegate Wendell Walker who is very concerned about the Fentanyl epidemic. "In 2022, over 2,000 cases of overdoses from a very poisonous drug that we're...


March 25, 2023

New bill harshens penalties for false reports to police


"So what we've done with this bill is put more teeth into law enforcement," said Walker. "What we're finding across the commonwealth, you know, a lot of law enforcement are telling me 'Mr. Walker, this is almost a monthly or weekly...

Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 11.49.26 AM.png

March 14, 2023

'Pancakes & Politics:' Virginia lawmakers highlight recent session at Lynchburg breakfast


"So, we're trying to work through those priorities the governor as well as the house has established and funding those. And making sure we keep taxes low enough...


March 14, 2023

Gov. Youngkin announces plan to give parents grant money to combat pandemic learning loss


"Having gone through the pandemic for several years, you know the loss that these young people, the students, have incurred, it's hard to measure and there's a lot of catching up...


March 14, 2023

Three interesting bills: selling children, ‘swatting’ penalties and regulating vape products

Virginia Mercury

Walker’s legislation would extend this penalty to a person who calls somewhere else, like a school, which then reports the emergency to 911.


February 24, 2023

Walker's bill updating 'swatting' penalties heads to governor's desk

The News & Advance

A bill sponsored by Virginia Del. Wendell Walker, R-Lynchburg, to strengthen the penalties of calling in a false threat to law enforcement — aka “swatting” — has passed both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly.


February 21, 2023

'We're not going to stop fighting:' VA lawmakers react to Senate blocking abortion bills


"Hopefully we can come back in 2024, put some bills in that would be pro-life that our Governor can sign," said Walker. "We're not going to stop fighting for the life of the unborn, period," Walker.


February 17, 2023

Amid sharpening partisan divisions, some legislators find consensus

Richmond Times-Dispatch

On the morning of the day they each presented their bills to the House criminal justice subcommittee, Walker told his fellow legislators that a prank call forced E.C. Glass High School...


February 3, 2023

House gatekeepers clear bill to crack down on false calls to police

Richmond Times-Dispatch

On the morning of the very day Del. Wendell Walker, R-Lynchburg, was to present his House Bill 1572 to crack down on false calls to police, fire departments or emergency medical services, someone called in a threat...


January 25, 2023

Va. bill aims to reduce mental health stigma for health care workers

Virginia Business

Neighboring states such as North Carolina have changed or removed mental health questions from similar applications for health care worker licensure and certifications, Walker said.


January 23, 2023

Mandatory internet safety education bill goes to Virginia Governor’s desk for signature


HB1575 was brought forward by Lynchburg Delegate Wendell Walker and it was amended in a house subcommittee before being...

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January 23, 2023


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