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October 7, 2022

Parents rally for education rights in Lynchburg, Lt. Gov. speaks on school choice


Delegate Wendell Walker said he thinks it's going to be one of the top bills in the 2023 session. "It's going to be a big issue but it's the right issue for the citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia," Walker said.


June 17, 2022

Virginia lawmakers consider Governor Youngkin's amendments to the state budget


Republican Delegate Wendell Walker said this is what needs to be done to provide relief. “Now is the time to give people that relief on gasoline tax at the pump especially for folks who have to work or drive out of town..."


May 24, 2022

Earle-Sears urges Amherst voters to 'keep your eyes on the prize'

Amherst New Era Progress

Del. Wendell Walker, R-Lynchburg, attended and said in jest he came to hear the sermon from Earle-Sears. “She’s a fireball, so buckle your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen,” Walker told the crowd before she spoke.


April 20, 2022

Virginia lawmakers divided over who would actually benefit from gas tax holiday


Governor Glenn Youngkin and Republicans, like Delegate Wendell Walker, say this will provide Virginians with the help they have been asking for. “What better time can you give relief than a time of inflation..."


July 15, 2022

Monument Terrace veterans honored for 20 years of dedication


"Because of your commitment and your time out here, we can thank God for the greatest flag in America: the red white and blue. Your sacrifice will never be forgotten," Walker said. The resolution was gifted to the rally's...


June 8, 2022

Local, state officials looking ahead to 'unique opportunity' with CVTC site

The News & Advance

What some people once thought might be impossible has been proven possible with the removal of $25 million in bonds for the Central Virginia Training Center. The process — which state and local officials hope will...


May 3, 2022

Virginia lawmakers on Supreme Court Roe v. Wade draft leak


"For something like this news to be leaking out, this is unheard of. Unprecedented. It really concerns us as Americans because that's something we have, we still have integrity in our court system..."


April 13, 2022

Lawmakers weigh in on new Virginia laws, discuss state budget


Republican Delegate Wendell Walker supports it, saying it should be the responsibility of parents to teach these things, not schools. "I think it's a positive step in the right direction as it relates to family matters here...


July 14, 2022

AG Miyares visits vandalized pregnancy center in Lynchburg


Miyares was accompanied by several members of the General Assembly — including state Sen. Steve Newman, state Sen. Mark Peake, Del. Wendell Walker — as well as people from the community.


May 28, 2022

Five graduates of Lynchburg Drug Court celebrated

The News & Advance

Walker added while the program has put the graduates “on first base, you’ve got to get around the other bases to score here. But you’ve started the right process here.” Debra Jefferson, a worker for Horizon Behavioral...


April 27, 2022

Youngkin sets 24-year high for first-year vetoes; still no budget


"As Republicans, we feel that we have come as far as we can. Now the Democrats have to come and meet us at the halfway point," said Republican Del. Wendell Walker. Lawmakers said the other items in the budget are...


April 13, 2022

Lynchburg-area legislators talk CVTC, workforce, gas prices and more at breakfast

The News & Advance

“Where’s that going to come from?” Walker said. “It’s come out of my back pocket, your back pocket, and all the citizens across the Commonwealth. That’s what it’s going to cost.” Youngkin has 30 days to decide...


MAY 28, 2024

Virginia Manufacturing Award

MAY 15, 2024

The Budget Battle Ends

APRIL 22, 2024

Reconvened Session Update

APRIL 12, 2024

Strengthening Virginia's Workforce

MARCH 11, 2024

Sine Die Update

MARCH 4, 2024

The Home Stretch

FEBRUARY 26, 2024

The Budget

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