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Gov. Youngkin's $150M 'lab school' plan causes debate among lawmakers


Delegate Walker says the schools are essential to the future of Virginia. "If Virginia is going to advance and be competitive, it's got to step up and do innovative things," he said.

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February 22, 2022

Masks, money, marijuana: Where bills stand halfway through Virginia's legislative session


“There were just hundreds and hundreds of parents and kids down here, and many of the legislators were here at the capitol to celebrate,” said Walker.

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February 21, 2022

Budget, big issues remain in Richmond spotlight


“We’re delivering on the promises and the commitments that we made to the voters back in November,” said Del. Wendell Walker (R-Lynchburg). “We’re trying to lower the cost at the grocery store. We’re lowering the cost at...


February 17, 2022

How school security bill would impact Lynchburg if passed


Republican Del. Wendall Walker is a co-patron of the bill. "We just want want to ensure that parents feel comfortable knowing that their children are going to be safe in the schools in which they are learning," Walker said.

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February 16, 2022

Youngkin sworn in as governor

Cardinal News

“I see Governor Youngkin in the next four years as being a transforming individual here in the commonwealth. We have a lot of policy issues to address, and we will be working through these over the next 60 days and the years ahead,” Walker said. “The real thing for Virginians is that we have hope now, hope in a leader...


January 15, 2022

A new era begins

Cardinal News

House Bill 24, sponsored by Del. Wendell Walker, R-Lynchburg, would expand the state’s current voter ID requirement to include photo identification. The bill also repeals the provisions of law currently permitting a voter who does not have one of the required forms of identification...


July 26, 2021


January 12, 2022

Virginia delegates see bipartisan path in divided government, but still plan bold moves


"Hopefully we can bring some civility back to the house," said Del. Wendell Walker, representing the 23rd District. Delegates, including Central Virginia lawmakers Republican...


 January 9, 2022

Virginia lawmakers prepare for 2022 General Assembly


"There's a lot of big tasks out here, but we're up to it and we look forward to bringing a great opportunity for people to be happy again in the commonwealth," Walker said.


December 7, 2021

Pancakes and politics: Virginia lawmakers discuss upcoming session


"Look at the inflation and where it's going right now," Del. Walker said. "It's making it harder for parents to invest in their children's future education. We have got to get this under control."

Lynchburg-area legislators talk upcoming General Assembly session

The News and Advance

One of the main issues that Walker spoke about was the General Assembly's attentiveness to education in the upcoming session. "Certainly education is going to be a big...


November 17, 2021

Incumbents safely retain Lynchburg-area House of Delegates seats

The News and Advance

“I think that this sends a strong message to Virginia,” Walker said. “Enough is enough. No more progressive left Democrat agenda”...


November 2, 2021

Youngkin makes campaign stop in Lynchburg area

The News and Advance

Many state and local officials were in attendance including Ward IV Lynchburg City Councilman Chris Faraldi, Del. Wendell Walker, Sen. Mark Peake, Del. Kathy Byron...


October 13, 2021


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