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Delegate Walker has a proven conservative track record in the House of Delegates. He has been a consistent fighter for a government that serves the people and supports our families and communities. Wendell is running to continue his service to you and Central Virginia. He fights for our conservative values and the better Virginia our families deserve:

Empowering Students and Parents

Providing our children with an excellent education is one of the most critical investments we can make in our future. Wendell is a passionate advocate for ensuring that parents and students have access to top-quality education that prepares them for success in life. He firmly believes that every child deserves a chance to fulfill their potential, regardless of their zip code.


Wendell has consistently championed legislation aimed at improving the quality of education in Virginia and expanding parental choice in education options for their children. He’s committed to ensuring that every child has access to a high-quality education that meets their individual needs. In Richmond, Wendell will continue to fight to empower students and parents. 


Under previous administrations, Virginia's education system has fallen behind due to low standards and school closures, resulting in a decline in the quality of education available to our children. The result has been that fundamental concepts like math, science, and history have taken a backseat to political agendas. Wendell is committed to reversing this trend and ensuring that Virginia's education system is second to none.


Parents play a vital role in their children's education, and Wendell believes that they should have a voice in what their children are taught. He understands that education is not a one-size-fits-all solution, and every child's needs are unique. Therefore, he supports expanding parental choice in education to give parents the freedom to choose the best educational path for their children.


Strengthening Public Safety

Wendell believes that public safety is a top priority for any community and has worked diligently in Richmond to ensure that citizens are safe and secure in their daily lives. He recognizes the vital role that law enforcement officers play in maintaining public safety and believes that they deserve our respect, support, and resources to carry out their duties effectively. Wendell believes that our law enforcement officers should be equipped with the latest technology and tools to keep our communities safe, and he has worked to ensure that they have the necessary resources to combat the ever-changing threats faced by the Commonwealth.


As your Delegate, Wendell has remained committed to promoting trust, accountability, and transparency between law enforcement officers and the public.

He understands that effective policing requires the support and cooperation of the community. In the General Assembly, he has been an advocate for policies that strengthen the partnership between law enforcement and the public, making our communities safer for everyone. He firmly believes that by working together, we can create safer neighborhoods where families can thrive and businesses can grow.

Building a Robust Economy

As a member of the Finance Committee, Wendell has been a champion for policies that would put more money back in the hands of hard-working Virginians. He has been an advocate for lower taxes, deregulation, and reducing reckless spending. He believes these policies are key to creating new jobs, bolstering our economy, and reducing the tax burden on hard-working Virginian families.


Having been a small business owner himself, Wendell understands the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Virginia. He is committed to supporting small and family-owned businesses through cutting red tape and advocating for pro-business policies that make it easier to do business. By creating a more business-friendly environment, Wendell hopes to stimulate economic growth, attract new investment, and create more job opportunities in the Commonwealth.


Small businesses are the backbone of Central Virginia and Wendell hopes to create an environment where they can thrive. By implementing pro-growth policies, he hopes to make Virginia a more prosperous and opportunity-rich state for all its residents.


Developing a Stronger Workforce

Wendell's appointment to the Virginia Workforce Development Board in March 2022 is a testament to his dedication to supporting the development of talent and training of workers in Virginia. As a member of this board, he has the privilege of working alongside Governor Youngkin, Secretary of Labor Bryan Slater, and other colleagues across the Commonwealth to determine best practices for workforce development and the protection of Virginia's right-to-work laws.


With over 21 years of experience in workforce training for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Wendell is well aware of the importance of a productive workforce in jumpstarting the state's economy and getting Virginia back in business.

He understands that workers need to possess the necessary skills to compete in a competitive job market. To this end, Wendell will always fight for legislation that protects workforce training programs and helps to produce a strong, capable workforce in Virginia.


Wendell's appointment to the Virginia Workforce Development Board, combined with his extensive experience in workforce training, makes him a valuable asset to the state's efforts to promote economic growth and workforce development. His commitment to protecting workforce training programs and promoting a strong workforce in Virginia will ensure that the state's labor force is equipped to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving job market.

Fighting for Your Individual Rights

As a member of the General Assembly, Wendell has been a strong advocate for individual liberty, free enterprise, limited government, and fiscal conservatism. He is also committed to promoting family values that strengthen our communities and our nation.


Wendell strongly supports the sanctity of human life and the well-being of families and children. He recognizes that the family is the cornerstone of our society and believes that every child is a precious gift who deserves the opportunity to reach their fullest potential. These foundational principles should guide our decisions as a society and in the General Assembly, he has been a steadfast advocate for policies that support these values.


Wendell believes that the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are the bedrock of our democracy and that every citizen has the right to enjoy the freedoms and liberties guaranteed by these founding documents. He is a strong defender of the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, which he views as a fundamental component of our individual liberties and national heritage. Moreover, he understands that all constitutional rights are interconnected and is committed to defending them all. He believes in limited government and individual liberty, and he will resist any efforts to expand government power at the expense of our constitutional rights. Ultimately, Wendell believes that by upholding our constitutional principles, we can build a stronger, freer, and more prosperous nation for all.

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