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As a strong, constitutional conservative, Delegate Walker remains committed to fighting for individual liberty, free enterprise, limited government, and fiscal conservatism. In the General Assembly, he has fought for your 2nd Amendment Rights, the life of the unborn,  and businesses across Virginia- small and large.

Our children deserve high-quality education, and Wendell will always fight to put parents and students first. He has been a strong advocate for legislation that improves the quality of education in Virginia and expands parental choice in education options for their children.


Wendell believes that Virginia’s education system has fallen behind under previous administrations because of low standards and school closures. Fundamental concepts like math, science, and history have taken a backseat to the political agendas of bureaucrats in Richmond. Wendell believes that it is time for parents to have a voice in what their children are taught.  

Education for Tomorrow

As a member of the General Assembly, Wendell has fought for individual liberty, free enterprise, limited government, and fiscal conservatism. He will always vote to protect and preserve traditional family values.


Wendell is a lifetime member of the NRA and will never vote to restrict your Constitutional Second Amendment right to keep and bear firearms.


Wendell believes life begins at conception and ends at natural death. He is adamantly pro-life and a supporter of family values. As your Delegate, he has fought to protect the unborn, and has been a voice for those that have no voice of their own. 

Fighting for Your Individual Rights


Virginians should be able to walk up and down the streets of their communities, day or night, and feel safe. As your Delegate, Wendell has proudly stood with the men and women in law enforcement who get up every day to protect their communities. He will always fight to make sure that law enforcement has the resources they need to combat the ever-changing threats that face the Commonwealth.

Strengthening Public Safety


Wendell believes that we need to put money back in the pockets of hard-working Virginians. Lower taxes, deregulation, and reducing reckless spending are the key to creating new jobs and bolstering Virginia’s economy. He will always fight for policies in the House of Delegates that will promote the safety, security, and economic well-being of this Commonwealth.


Wendell knows that small business is the backbone of Central Virginia. Having been a small business owner himself, Wendell knows the challenges faced by business owners in Virginia. He remains committed to supporting small and family-owned businesses across Virginia through deregulation He will continue to fight for pro-business policies that make it easier to do business – not harder.

Building a Robust Economy


In March 2022, Wendell was appointed to the Virginia Workforce Development Board. He has the privilege of working alongside Governor Youngkin, Secretary of Labor Bryan Slater, and other colleagues across Virginia to determine best practices for the development of talent, training of workers, and the protection of Virginia’s right-to-work laws.


With over 21 years of experience in workforce training for the Commonwealth of Virginia, Wendell knows firsthand that developing a productive workforce is essential to jumpstarting our economy and getting Virginia back open for business. Workers in the Commonwealth need to have the skills necessary to compete in a competitive market. Wendell will always fight for legislation that will protect workforce training programs and help produce a strong workforce in Virginia.

Developing a Stronger Workforce

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