As a strong, constitutional conservative, Delegate Walker remains committed to fighting for individual liberty, free enterprise, limited government, and fiscal conservatism. In the General Assembly, he has fought for your 2nd Amendment Rights, the life of the unborn,  and businesses across Virginia- small and large.

Bills Patroned/Co-Patroned by Delegate Walker

2021 Legislative Session, Chief Patron:

2021 Legislative Session, Budget Amendment:

  • Item C-64 #1H

    • Info: "Out of the amounts provided for the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (720), Project Code 10880, up to $250,000 may be used to extend the water main and modify the water system as part of the transition of the water supply system at the Central Virginia Training Center site to the Amherst County Service Authority." (I.e., provided State funds to assist a portion of a Madison Heights neighborhood in Amherst, VA,  which otherwise would be receiving stagnant water, to be connected to a clean water supply). ​

2021 Legislative Session, Co-Patron:​


2020 Legislative Session, Chief Patron: 

  • HB 1356 Informed consent; medication-based abortion.

    • Info: Requires physicians to inform patients of the availability of medications, if available, to interrupt a medication-based abortion, if she decides to do so, after such woman has taken medication in preparation for the procedure.​

2021 Special Session, Co-Patron: